Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nathan's Crushing Blow

In the tagline of this blog, it says it's better to be crushed by truth than to be coddled by error. This can only be true if our desires are really set on growing. Must of us really want to be coddled in some sense by error. I want people to stroke my ego and tell me I'm great more than I want them to tell me my speech borders on gossip. I want people to be wowed by my teaching more than I want to be told I've taken some Scripture out of context...but if I want to grow, I need to be lovingly crushed by truth. So often, God brings that through His agents, our brothers and sisters.
In 2 Samuel 12, Nathan tells David a parable that makes David livid with anger at a certain man. Nathan then drops the bomb, "David, you are the man!" Most of us guys love hearing, "You're the man!" but in this context, it would have been a crushing blow--that David just admitted his own sentence in his eyes: he deserved to be put to death.

Nathan crushes David with truth.

1. Do you have people in your life that are honest and loving enough to crush you with truth?
2. How do you respond when someone that loves you crushes you with truth?

I'm thankful to have people in my life that are willing to crush me with truth.

In the same breath, I am sorrowful that often my response to being crushed by truth is not so thankful...or even receptive.

If you have people you'd like to 'publicly' thank...leave a comment.


  1. Thank you Matt, Scott, Rachel, Liz, Shelley, Kathy, Amy.

  2. It seems there is more coddling than crushing but, to those who have been honest with me I say thank you...first to my loving Lord who crushses me daily in His word, then to my husband (Earl), Adam, Drew, Moo's, Pastor Tom, Amy T, Ann J, Mom.