Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quote to Ponder

In my previous blog, I mentioned my current reading of Far As the Curse is Found by Michael D. Williams. This morning in my reading of his chapter entitled "The Law," I read

"Never knowing how to satisfy someone produces slavery."

His purpose was to show God's law as given at Sinai as an avenue of freedom for God's redeemed people. Our view of law is usually the opposite...stifling, rigid, suffocating. But I think his point is excellent. If we don't know what satisfies someone, we're left wondering how to please...a slave to the 'figuring out' of what it takes to walk in accordance with their desires. How often does this happen with spouses? "What do I have to do to make them happy?" "I thought that they would appreciate this..."

God has graciously laid out what satisfies to walk in His ways. Law truly makes free.

Last point to remember...the Israelites at Sinai were redeemed and chosen by God before the Law was given. After the redemption came the Law. Following the Law does not make us God's people. God makes us His people, then graciously frees us to please Him and walk with Him by showing us His law.

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  1. Yes, God's law does make me FREE!! Knowing what satisfies Him ... mmmm, yeah, cause my sin becomes a problem only when my focus is on my own satisfaction rather than God's.