Friday, March 5, 2010

Spiritual ADD

So yesterday, my time with God was really spot on. I literally had a moment of clarity in thinking about the miraculous where I thought to myself, "For God, refilling my cup of tea and making it boiling hot right now would not even require effort, and I would consider it miraculous." I seriously had that thought. I didn't pray for it or anything, but it was really clear to me that things are not hard for all. He does as He pleases - effortlessly.

*Disclosure statement: There really was a twinge of me that was hoping to see a full cup of steaming tea in front of me when I opened my eyes.

Jump to this morning. I literally had about 3-second bursts of prayer before my mind was wandering to really asinine things. Seriously...3 seconds might be generous. And I was trying, too.
Moments of clarity with God really are a gift of grace.

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  1. I think God rested from His work on the seventh day not because He was tired, but because He wanted to enjoy what He had done. I pray that I could effectively rest in His finished work, instead of insulting Him with my effort! Thank God for grace.