Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loving God with All Your Mind

Working in an institution of higher ed. is sometimes extremely encouraging. At times, the 'headiness' can be a subtle environment for pride to sneak in a destroy, but overall, I'm pleased to be in an envoronment where thinking is encouraged. Christ himself encourages this when he calls us to "love the Lord your God...with all your mind." In many of your conversations, does it not seem that it is unpopular to think? In a recent e-mail from a professor on campus, I've been reminded that many times, people simply interact with issues on the emotional it makes them feel...not fully engaging logic and reason. Don't get me wrong: I think we all long for our emotional fulfillment as well, but for our worship to be holistic, I believe that our emotion should flow from engaging our minds with truth.
It's the times in worship that I engage my mind with the truth of what I'm singing that I find myself in tears.
My challenge today...find people who stir your mind...even if you don't agree with them. Talk with intentional about having heady conversations...but then...don't let it stop there...worship the God who gave you the ability to think.

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