Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coalescence of Frustration

The dissatisfaction with the current state of my soul has grown from a distant hum to a nagging racket. I'm hoping to intervene before it rises to a cacophony of life-debilitating chaos. Several factors have converged to bring this to the forefront of my consciousness:

1. The noticeable pattern of mindless TV watching...turning it on without anything in particular to watch
2. Reading Francis Chan's "The Forgotten God." He didn't have anything revolutionary as far as content, but his taking God's Spirit seriously, good questions, and personal radical living made it poignantly incisive.
3. A sermon delivered at our church on Satan and his demons: the question was asked if we take them seriously...which led me to question how seriously I take God.
4. Simply desiring more and more of Christ.

Steps I am currently taking to remedy the situation:

1. Reading through the New Testament from start to finish, but approaching the text differently by asking God (pleading, really) before I open it - "Do not let me walk away from this book without really hearing from you." And then resolving to not walk away from the text without receiving real gospel counsel from it/Him.
2. Turning off or walking away from the TV if I'm not watching for a specific purpose.
3. Resolving to tangibly and actively encourage someone weekly (beyond a simple verbal compliment)
4. Reading good books - currently The Pleasures of God by John Piper
5. Praying and believing that God change me

Peace to you.

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