Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rock Climbing, Sort of

Last night I went rock climbing on an indoor wall built in one of the residence halls at Montreat College. The wall was fantastically built, a challenging wall with pretty diverse routes that range in difficulty. As I attempted to scale the mild route with large holds and not-so-intense or thought-provoking maneuvers, I realized a few things:

1. I am fatter, older, and more out of shape than I've ever been.
2. Two of the above predicaments are avoidable (that would be fatter and out of shape).
3. Quivering, jello-like muscles do not respond the way you hope they might.
4. I hate young and skinny college males who climb well.

As my posts usually have some element of contemplating God and my life with Him...

1. Jesus, help me not to hate college students.
2. Jesus, why couldn't ice cream have been created to build muscle rather than create fat cells?
3. Jesus, what is the point of climbing rocks? I mean, really?

In actuality, last night was a sober reminder that I'm also a steward of my earthly tent (i.e. wobbly body), which I've neglected/abused for too long.
I grew up in a church culture that didn't flinch at ingesting mass amounts of pizza and sweets, but would roar at the thought of drinking a beer.

As someone who now partakes in all of the above, I'm positive that the pizza and sweets are much more of a sin issue in my life than the beer.

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